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Founder President

Dear Aspirant, Hello, and welcome to Sheen Stein Edutech. You are about to start journey at Sheen stein Edutech that promises to be an exciting and a fulfilling one. In over 7 years, we have exhibited excellence in our curriculum design, the quality of teaching, and methodology of learning We strive to be the best educators through our hard work and commitment towards the teaching methods. Medicine is a noble profession, and we believe in preparing best health care professionals at a moral, ethical, professional & emotional level. 

Dr. Sheen Sugathan Subha



Sheen Stein EDUTECH is extensively involved in planning and efforts to be a beacon that mainly helps in the far reaching in transformation of medical science education and practices for exceptional advancements in modern health.

Sheen Stein EDUTECH is striving to meet the expectations of students concerning their education, through the imple- mentation of ground breaking initiatives. Our philosophy is to educate students to use what they have learned beyond the confines of the university.

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