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  • Student Profile Analysis, Helps to Choose Course/University Selection

  • Admission Registration & Letter Issuance

  • Documents Preparation

  1. HRD Attestation

  2. Ministry Approval

  3. Documents Translation​

  4. Legalization of Documents in MEA

  5. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Registration

  • Immigration, Financial Aid & Scholarship, Visa Guidance

  • Assistance of Official Representative From Airport to College


Free Counselling

SHEEN STEIN EDUTECH trained and experienced team of counsellors help students identify a course and university that perfectly match their aptitude, interests, academic and financial background.

We at SHEEN STEIN EDUTECH, view career not merely from a livelihood perspective but as a way of growing in both intellect and stature hence offer, wise and realistic career counselling to students who approach us. Our expert career counsellors with years of experience to back will guide you to choose a course, university that does justice to your talent and potential. We always strive to offer the best course and country for you, keeping in mind the changing world, job market, personal aspiration, aptitude, financial condition etc. we only serve best universities and colleges after reviewing their recognitions from time to time to make sure you have a worry free education phase abroad.


Admission Guidance

SHEEN STEIN EDUTECH offer Guidance throughout the entire admission process to ensure a complete, error-free application for the student along with consistent follow ups with Universities to ensure expedited admissions.

When coming to admission support, there is no match to SHEEN STEIN EDUTECH. Our experienced team of Advisors render one-to-one counselling so that you get to choose the appropriate program, institution and country taking into consideration your ambition, academic and financial background. Our internationally trained admission executives assist you in error free application formalities and if required, to groom students for the online/telephonic interview. We at Sheen Stein Edutech, guarantee a hassle free admission process to our students which ensure high success rate. To top it few of our comprehensive services for students come absolutely free of charge. 



  • Passport Assistance : Sheen Stein Edutech provides you complete assistance in applying for the passport. Sheen Stein Edutech provide Students with the Admission Letter which helps you in securing the passport on Tatkal Basis.

  • MCI Eligibility certificate : Sheen Stein Edutech provides assistance to get the eligibility certificate from MCI for securing MD admission in abroad.

  • Education Loan : Sheen Stein Edutech provides assistance in getting Educational Loans. Sheen Stein Edutech will provide you with the necessary documentations required for the same.

  • Legalization of Documents : Sheen Stein Edutech gets the Attestations, translations, all other documentation procedures of the academic documents of the student which is required to be completed for the admission procedure.


VISA Assistance

Visa assistance right from application filling to document preparation that meet the most stringent standards required by visa offices of the respective country. Our experts with years of experience in Visa Procedures who are up-to-date with the changing regulations and procedure, ensure high visa success rates.

When it comes to visa we have a high success rate irrespective of the country. From arranging necessary visa documents to preparation of visa file, every small detail is scrutinized by our internationally experienced Immigration Attorneys and professionals. A highly dedicated team, Work in line with Immigration and High Commission Offices enable prompt and precise documentation.


Pre-Departure Orientation

Sheen Stein Edutech conduct Pre departure orientation program to brief about procedures relating to international travel, and specifically focus on how you can protect your health and security abroad. We share with students about their new destination, new culture they are going to face, about the institute they are enrolling for and also making them aware of Do’s and Don’ts while they settle themselves in a totally new environment.

These not only allows them to get more confidence but also adjust better in the institute and hence have better performance during their study. Also they get an opportunity to meet other students enrolled at same Institute.


Travel Support

Sheen Stein EduTech assist students with their travel and relocation for the course of study thereby ensuring a worry free transition. Sheen Stein EduTech help you identify the right airline for excess baggage schemes. The department helps you in your entire course-period in travelling. Sheen Stein EduTech also arrange travel for parents and relatives of the student when required.

Moving to another country, be it for study or settling, is no trivial task. Sheen Stein EduTech understand the stress and pressure this phase can cause. Excitement at times give way to anxieties as one get to hear a lot of experiences about the country often true or untrue, anxieties about the new land, people, customs take over your senses . Sheen Stein EduTech view this is a transitional phase hence offer a complete and thorough travel and relocation service, leaving no stone unturned to ensure a smooth transition. Our travel and relocation expertise enable you to literally relax while we handle it all.

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