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List of MCI Approved Medical Colleges Abroad


International European University Kyrgyzstan (IEU)

International European University Kyrgyzstan

International European University Kyrgyzstan, founded in 2003, is a private institution with a mission to empower futures through top-notch medical education, nurturing compassion, and shaping leaders in healthcare. With a vision for a healthier tomorrow, the university strives for excellence in medical education, research, and compassionate healthcare. It offers multiple programs leading to a medical degree: Doctor of Medicine (5 Years) and Doctor of Medicine (6 Years), with instruction in English and Russian. Additionally, the 5.5-year Doctor of Medicine (With Clinical Rotation) program is designed for Indian students, approved by prominent medical councils like MCI, NMC, PMC, and WHO. IEUK is committed to shaping future healthcare leaders and providing quality medical education.

Bishkek International Medical Institute (BIMI)

Bishkek International Medical Institute

Bishkek International Medical Institute (BMMI) was founded in 2019. BMMI offers the opportunity to study in one of the modern educational medical centers in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia. Students are encouraged to build their knowledge thanks to highly qualified teaching staff and an excellent teaching base on practical skills in the medical clinics of BMMI.

Bridgetown International University Barbados

Bridgetown International University Barbados

Bridgetown International University was established in 2016 with a mission to provide quality and affordable medical education to aspiring doctors. Bridgetown International University —BIU— is a medical university in Barbados, an English-speaking island country in the Caribbean region of North America.

Salymbekov Medical University (Salymbekov International Medical College)

Salymbekov Medical University

Salymbekov University Institution seeks to establish in Kyrgyzstan a global educational platform of contemporary higher education with a strong export potential. of educational and medical services, providing high-quality educational services according to international standards,in keeping with the greatest educational traditions system of the United Kingdom, the United States, and also the Europe's and Asia's top countries.

Duy Tan University Vietnam

Duy Tan University

Duy Tân University (Vietnamese: Trường Đại học Duy Tân) is a private research university in Da Nang, Vietnam. The name derives from the Modernisation Movement, or phong trào Duy Tân, of 1906–1908. DTU was established on 11 November 1994, under Decision No 666/TTg, signed by the Prime Minister of Vietnam.

Hong Bang International University Vietnam

Hong Bang International University

Hong Bang International University (HIU) is a private university in Ho Chi Minh City. HIU has faculties of law, economics, fine arts, foreign languages. The university has been accredited by three US educational organizations as meeting American education standard.

North Caucasian State Medical Academy Russia

North Caucasian State Medical Academy

The Northern State Medical Academy was founded in the year 1936 and it is situated in Arkhangelsk. The University is the center of the Medical education in North of Russia. NSMU is authorized by World Health Organization (WHO), ECFMG (USA), and Medical Council of India (MCI) National Medical Council (NMC) . The students are eligible for MCI, USMLE (USA) or PLAB (UK) exams after completing their studies from NSMU.

Royal Metropolitan Medical University Bishkek Kyrgyzstan

Royal Metropolitan Medical University

Royal Metropolitan University is a place where training techniques for future physicians are taken in a completely fresh and modern direction. We have established a powerful library with internationally famous textbooks, and we have invited the most prominent professors who see medicine in a new light and are willing to share their experience, as well as those who are willing to teach and raise a new generation of successful doctors.

Caspian International School of Medicine Kazakhstan

Caspian International School of Medicine

Caspian International School of Medicine is a multidisciplinary university that offers medical students high-quality, ongoing education. Professionalism is one of the most fundamental ideas, as well as adherence to the most important professional and moral principles. Innovation is crucial, and the institution places a high priority on emerging technologies in order to disseminate in-depth medical science knowledge and high-quality education.

Universidad Del Salvador Argentina

Universidad Del Salvador Argentina

The Universidad del Salvador (USAL) is a Jesuit university in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In addition to its campus in downtown Buenos Aires, Universidad Del Salvador Argentina has instructional and research facilities in Pilar San Miguel, Bahía Blanca, and in the provinces of Santa Cruz and Misiones. As of 2012, approximately 20,000 undergraduate and over 8,000 graduate students were enrolled.

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