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Beihua University is the largest key comprehensive university under the jurisdiction of Jilin Province. It is a university jointly established by the People's Government of Jilin Province and the State Forestry and Grassland Administration. In 1999, 9 menstrual approved by the Ministry of Education, the former Jilin Normal University, Jilin Medical College, Jilin Forestry College, Jilin electrification College merger, the predecessor of the original four schools were founded in 1906 in Jilin Primary Normal School.

The Jilin Private Midwifery School was founded in 1928, the Jilin Province Forestry School was founded in 1952, and the Jilin Provincial Vocational School was founded in 1920. The school is located in Jilin City, Jilin Province, a charming rime capital and a charming city in China. The school has three campuses in the east, south and north and an affiliated hospital. It covers an area of 2.69 million square meters (including teaching and experimental bases), with a building area of 728,200 square meters. The total value of teaching and research equipment is 510 million yuan, and the collection of books is 3.729 million. 

There are 28 colleges and 1 engineering training center. There are 26,945 full-time students of various types, including 2,244 postgraduates, 24,165 undergraduates, 51 junior college students, and 485 international students in China. The school has 1,700 full-time teachers , including 954 senior titles; 18 doctoral tutors and 694 master tutors; 4 academicians of the two academies, 1 academician of the American International Timber Science Academy, and hundreds of thousands of them in the “Ten Thousand Talents Program” 10,000 project leading talents, new century tens of millions of talents project national level candidates (first level), special government allowances of the State Council and other national talent titles 49 person-times, provincial (senior) senior experts, provincial top-notch innovative talents, provincial middle-level talents with outstanding contributions There are more than 100 provincial-level talent titles such as young professional and technical talents. 

The school currently has 88 undergraduate majors , 20 first-level discipline master degree authorization points, 18 master’s degree categories (fields), covering 11 disciplines; it has formed 12 provincial-level key disciplines, 15 national-level first-class and Featured majors, 19 provincial-level first-rate and characteristic high-level majors are the leading discipline professional system. It has 2 national experimental teaching demonstration centers and 2 national off-campus practice bases for college students. The Marxist College is the first batch of key Marxist colleges in universities in Jilin Province. The school has 51 national and provincial scientific research platforms, including the National and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory, the Key Laboratory of the State Forestry and Grassland Administration , and 18 provincial innovation teams. 

The school is the chairman unit of the Forest Health and Nutrition Branch of the Forestry Society of Jilin Province, and the forest medicine innovation platform is a cross-platform of provincial advantages and characteristics innovation. Take the lead in establishing the Ice and Snow College among the national comprehensive universities and form the Ice and Snow Education Alliance to serve the development of the ice and snow industry. A series of key common technology achievements for the manufacture of wood-based panels from non-formaldehyde agricultural and forestry residues filled the domestic gap and won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award. 

It has promoted enterprise production by 25 billion yuan in three years; forest fire forecasting technology supports Jilin Province without major forest fires for 40 consecutive years. The forest ecological safety has been effectively maintained; the school’s aerospace research team participated in the design and research and development of the ground test equipment for the Chang'e-5 sampling system, and constructed the ground test "Guanghan Palace" for the Chang'e-5; a large-scale history of East Asia compiled by the subject of world history The document "Changbai Series" enjoys a high reputation in domestic and foreign academic circles. 

During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, more than 60 national projects have been approved such as national key research and development projects and major projects of the National Social Science Fund; 115 scientific research awards above the provincial level have been awarded. In the long-term school-running practice, the school has formed a "one-master, diversity, innovative and practical" talent training system. The school has established a practical teaching base support system with more than 20 national and provincial teaching platforms as the main body, such as the national experimental teaching demonstration center and the national off-campus practical education base for college students. It has carried out fruitful innovation and entrepreneurship practice education activities for college students. 

It has won 161 national first prizes for the "Challenge Cup", electronic competition, mechanical innovation design competition and other series of brands, and was awarded the "National University Huang Danian Teacher Team" and the National Teaching Achievement Second Prize. The Dragon Boat Team of Beihua University has won 73 gold medals in major international and domestic dragon boat races. It represented Jilin Province in the 13th National Games and the 14th National Winter Games and won 7 gold medals. Ai Zeming was awarded the national honorary title of "National Advanced Individual in Fighting the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic" and is the only college student in the country to receive this honor. 

The school has established cooperative relations with 68 colleges or educational institutions in 20 countries and regions, carried out various forms of undergraduate and master's cooperative training, and carried out undergraduate professional Sino-foreign cooperative education projects with three universities in the United States, Britain and Finland. The Confucius Institute was jointly established by Gangwon University in South Korea. The school is the second batch of national demonstration bases for studying in China. 

It accepts Chinese government scholarships and Confucius Institute scholarships for foreign students in China, as well as clinical medicine (English-taught) undergraduate education qualification school for foreign students in China, and was rated as the National Advanced Group for International Student Education in China . The school effectively expands adult and continuing education, forming a multi-form, multi-level, multi-standard, and multi-channel model of adult higher education, continuing education, self-study exams, and vocational skills training. Continuing education 16,533 students. 

The school is a national civilized unit, a national cultural quality education base for college students, a language application training base for the National Language Commission, the country's first batch of outstanding doctors and outstanding agricultural and forestry talent training program reform pilot universities, a national college student innovation and entrepreneurship training program project school, and a national college graduate Colleges and universities with typical experience in employment of students and national colleges and universities practice education, innovation and entrepreneurship bases. 

At present, the teachers and students of the whole school are guided by Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and follow the school motto of "Advocating morality, learning, and self-reliance" and the development concept of "Talents first, development first, serving Jilin and strengthening North China" .

To implement the fundamental task of Lide Shuren, deepen comprehensive reforms, accelerate connotation construction, and make unremitting efforts to build Beihua University into a high-level applied research-oriented provincial key comprehensive university. History The predecessor of Jilin Normal University can be traced back to the Jilin Province Junior Normal School established in 1906 by the Qing government in Jilin Chongwen Academy. On March 9, 1948, when Jilin City was liberated, Jilin Normal School was reborn. 

In August 1952, it moved to Jiangnan (now the site of Jilin No. 2 Middle School). In July 1966, Jilin Teachers College merged with Siping Teachers College and is still called Jilin Normal School. College. On December 28, 1978, the State Council formally approved the restoration of Jilin Normal School to Jilin Normal University. By 1999, Jilin Normal University had established a fairly large-scale local normal university with a relatively complete range of disciplines, various forms, and various levels. 

The predecessor of Jilin Medical College was the Jilin Private Midwifery School founded by Sun Zongyao in 1928. In December 1947, it was taken over by the Jilin Education Department of the Kuomintang and was renamed "Jilin Provincial Midwifery School". In March 1948, when Jilin City was liberated, the Provincial People's Government merged the original Jilin Provincial Midwifery School and Huaying Senior Midwifery Vocational School. In June 1949, it was renamed "Jilin Provincial Health Cadre School". In September, the school site was moved to Chongwen Hutong, where the current Beihua University Hospital is located. 

It was upgraded to Jilin Medical College in 1958, and in June 1959, it was adjusted to Jilin Medical College of Jilin Province. Reverted to Jilin Medical College in November 1973. By 1999, Jilin Medical College has become the medical teaching and research center of Jilin Region, and has trained 14,000 graduates of various types for the country. Most of them have become the backbone of medical and health, medical education and scientific research. The predecessor of Jilin Electrification College was the earliest vocational school in Jilin Province-Jilin Provincial Vocational School. It was built in September 1920 and its original site was outside Deshengmen in Jilin City, at the foot of Beishan Mountain. In 1935, the school's name was changed to Jilin Provincial Jilin Engineering Two-Level Middle School. 

After the liberation of Jilin in 1946, it was placed under the leadership of the Ministry of Industry of the Northeast Administrative Committee, renamed Jilin Industrial Special School, and selected the residential area of Jiangbei Man-made Petroleum Factory as the new campus (now North Campus of Beihua University). In the autumn of 1952, the school was renamed Jilin Industrial and Technical School under the leadership of the Ministry of Heavy Industry. In 1958, the school established the Jilin Electrification College. In June 1959, it was upgraded to the Jilin Metallurgical Electrification College with the approval of the Ministry of Metallurgy. In October 1984, it was renamed Jilin Electrification College, which was led by China Nonferrous Metals Industry Corporation. By 1999, Jilin Electrification College has developed into a 79-year-old industrial college. The school’s alumni are spread all over the Great Wall inside and outside the Great Wall, and they have made their due contribution to the construction of the country.


Faculty of medicine
Faculty of health science
Faculty of Pharmacy

Country Ranking

Beihua University China Country Ranking is 412

World Ranking

Beihua University China World Ranking is 6179

Student life

Beihua University China Students
Beihua University China Students
Beihua University China Students

The School of International Education Exchange is the school's international exchange, language education and enrollment and management departments for international students in China. There are functional departments such as the College Office, the International Student Project (Management) Office, and the Center for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language.

The International Student Project (Management) Office is responsible for the enrollment and management of international students in China. The office is equipped with an international management team for international students in China. It adopts a two-level management model of the school and the school. The management staff has rich experience in international training and can proficiently use English, Korean, Japanese, Russian and other languages ​​to communicate with students and provide enrollment and Management service.

The Center for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language was established in 1984. The teaching of Chinese as a foreign language undertakes the task of "introducing China to the world and letting the world understand China". The teaching is based on Chinese language and culture, with obvious humanistic and international characteristics, and cultivates a solid language Basic, have a certain understanding of Chinese language and literature, Chinese culture, have the ability of cross-cultural communication and cooperation, and the basic ability to engage in related work, and be able to engage in Chinese-foreign cultural exchanges or work related to the application of Chinese. Beihua University is the only test center for HSK in Jilin area. The HSK passing rate of international students of this university is at the leading level in the province.

City at a Glance

City at a Glance
City at a Glance
City at a Glance

Jilin (吉林, Jílín)Province forms the central part of northeast China and is part of what was once known as Manchuria. Jilin borders Heilongjiang Province to the northeast Russia to the east, North Korea to the southeast, Liaoning to the southwest and Inner Mongolia to the northwest.

MBBS Admission Procedure

Documents Required for MBBS Admission

  • Valid Passport with a minimum validity of 6 months.

  • NEET qualified score card.

  • 10 class mark list

  • 11 and 12 class or equivalent certificate

  • Birth Certificate

  • Bank account statement

  • Police clearance certificate

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS Admission

  • Minimum Educational Qualification: - 10 + 2 years of education

  • Minimum Age: - 18 years

  • Candidates applying for medical courses must fulfill all the requirements listed in the guidelines of the Medical Council of India ( MCI).

Admission procedure for MBBS

Step 1: Select your desired Medical college from our Registration Page. Fill the online application form and upload the supporting documents as mentioned. (If the college you looking not found please write to us). 

Step 2: Pay your Registration Fees.

Step 3: An offer letter will issue within two business days.

Step 4: Students have to pay their first-semester tuition fees directly to the university after receiving the offer letter.

Step 5: Pay your Documentation and Service Charge Fees.

Step 6: Visa and other documentation can take up to 45 days. When all procedure is over, you can fly to start your dream journey.

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