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Collegium Medicum Jagiellonian University Krakow Poland
Collegium Medicum Jagiellonian University Krakow Poland
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Jagiellonian University Medical College is the oldest medical school in Poland. The Jagiellonian University Faculties of Medicine and Pharmacy are acclaimed as one of the largest medical academies in Poland. The school was established by King Casimir III of Poland in 1364. 


School of Medicine in English at the Faculty of Medicine opened its doors to the first students in 1994. Its rapid development resulted in currently educating nearly 700 students coming from five different continents and twenty countries. Most of School’s students are Norwegian, American and Canadian nationals. The School’s educational offer includes a medical and dental programs taught in English, where the latter was launched in 2010. Upon completion of those programs, students receive a diploma of the Jagiellonian University and are awarded internationally recognized titles of Lekarz or Lekarz Dentysta (equivalents of MD and DDS) respectively. 

The School’s faculty is composed of the most experienced JU lecturers and visiting professors from the USA, Canada and Germany. The standards of the English-language programs offered by the School are based not only on the Polish teaching requirements but also on specifications provided by the European Union and the USA (the US Department of Education Loan Program, Medical Board of California). Students of the final years at the School have an exciting opportunity of completing clinical elective rotations at such universities as: University of California San Diego, University of California Irvine, University of California Los Angeles, Loma Linda University Medical Center, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, and Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. 

The School of Medicine in English cooperates with institutions playing important role in the American and European educational systems, like the National Board of Examiners (NBME), Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), and European Board of Medical Assessors (EBMA). Together with 30 other world-class medical universities around the globe, Jagiellonian University partakes in the Global Health Learning Opportunities (GHLO) project developed in cooperation with the AAMC. The GHLO project aims at facilitating student elective rotations migration between the universities through their electronic registration. 

Graduates of the School of Medicine in English are completing their residencies and postgraduate training in university hospitals in various countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, England, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, as well as Poland. History Jagiellonian University is the oldest institution of higher education in Poland. Established in 1364 by King Casimir III the Great, it is the second oldest university in Central-Eastern Europe, preceded by the Charles University in Prague, which was founded in 1348. Called Studium Generale in its early years, it was modeled after the Universities of Bologna and Padua and was initially composed of three faculties: Liberal Arts, Medicine, and Law. 

After its restoration in 1400, changes to the Academy's statute made it more resemble the Paris Sorbonne. For over 600 years, many prominent Poles and Europeans received their education within the walls of this University. It was here that Nicolaus Copernicus studied and in 1578 Walenty Fontana delivered the first academic lecture based on Copernicus' heliocentric theory, an inconceivable notion to many scholars at the time. In 1938, Karol Wojtyła began his studies in Polish philology at Jagiellonian University, interrupted by the outbreak of World War II, when occupying forces closed the University. 

During the War, he actively participated in classes organized by the underground university. Upon taking Holy Orders and returning from his doctoral studies in Rome, he received his post-doctoral degree from Jagiellonian University in 1953, continuing to work at the University until 1954. In 1983, already as Pope, he was honored by University authorities with an Honorary Doctorate. Faculty of Medicine - School of Medicine in English The School of Medicine in English is a structural unit of the Faculty of Medicine. Its first students were admitted in October 1994. During the 2008/2009 academic year, over 480 students from five continents and twenty countries were enrolled in the School, with the majority coming from Norway, the US, and Canada.


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Country Ranking

Collegium Medicum Jagiellonian University Krakow Poland Country Ranking is 2

World Ranking

Collegium Medicum Jagiellonian University Krakow Poland World Ranking is 426

Student life

Collegium Medicum Jagiellonian University Krakow Poland Students
Collegium Medicum Jagiellonian University Krakow Poland Students
Collegium Medicum Jagiellonian University Krakow Poland Students

The School offers two programs of medicine, taught exclusively in English. This first is a 4-year program for graduates of pre-medical college/university programs in the USA/Canada and the second is a 6-year program for graduates of secondary schools. Graduates of these programs are conferred a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree by the Jagiellonian University Faculty of Medicine. Academic staff include the most experienced scholars and lecturers at Jagiellonian University, as well as foreign academics from the US, England, Germany, and other countries. These English-language programs remain in compliance with Polish and EU standards of teaching, the US Department of Education (Stafford Loan Program), and Medical Board of California.

1. JUMC Student Government, 4-Year Medical Program
2. Student Council Jagiellonian University
3. Student Scientific Society of the Jagiellonian University
4. International Medical Students' Association - IFMSA
5. Academic Sports Association of the Jagiellonian University CM

City at a Glance

City at a Glance
City at a Glance
City at a Glance

Poland (Polish: Polska), is a country located in Central Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea coastline in the north, the Czech Republic and Slovakia to the south, Germany to the west, and Lithuania, Russia (the Kaliningrad Oblast exclave), Ukraine, and Belarus to the east.

The countryside throughout Poland is lovely and relatively unspoiled. Poland has a variety of regions with beautiful landscapes, complete with primeval forests, mountain ranges, hidden valleys, grasslands, lakes and small-scale organic and traditional farms. Travellers can choose a number of activities such as bird watching, cycling or horseback riding.

Culturally, you can visit and/or experience many churches, museums, ceramic and traditional basket-making workshops, castle ruins, palaces, rural centres and many more. A journey through the Polish countryside gives you a perfect opportunity to enjoy and absorb local knowledge about its landscape and people.

There are no border controls between countries that have signed and implemented this treaty - the European Union (except Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania and the United Kingdom), Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. Likewise, a visa granted for any Schengen member is valid in all other countries that have signed and implemented the treaty. But be careful: not all EU members have signed the Schengen treaty, and not all Schengen members are part of the European Union. This means that there may be spot customs checks but no immigration checks (travelling within Schengen but to/from a non-EU country) or you may have to clear immigration but not customs (travelling within the EU but to/from a non-Schengen country).

MBBS Admission Procedure

Documents Required for MBBS Admission

  • Valid Passport with a minimum validity of 6 months.

  • NEET qualified score card.

  • 10 class mark list

  • 11 and 12 class or equivalent certificate

  • Birth Certificate

  • Bank account statement

  • Police clearance certificate

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS Admission

  • Minimum Educational Qualification: - 10 + 2 years of education

  • Minimum Age: - 18 years

  • Candidates applying for medical courses must fulfill all the requirements listed in the guidelines of the Medical Council of India ( MCI).

Admission procedure for MBBS

Step 1: Select your desired Medical college from our Registration Page. Fill the online application form and upload the supporting documents as mentioned. (If the college you looking not found please write to us). 

Step 2: Pay your Registration Fees.

Step 3: An offer letter will issue within two business days.

Step 4: Students have to pay their first-semester tuition fees directly to the university after receiving the offer letter.

Step 5: Pay your Documentation and Service Charge Fees.

Step 6: Visa and other documentation can take up to 45 days. When all procedure is over, you can fly to start your dream journey.

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