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Fudan University China

Fudan University China

Fudan University (Handan Campus) is located comfortably beside Wujiaochang, the north Shanghai's center. Fudan was founded in 1905 with more than a century of quality education. It is one of China's most prestigious universities. Fudan immerses you into a different way of life while allows you to great­ly enhance your education.

     University Highlights
  • Low Cost of Living
  • Have Proficient Faculties
  • USMLE | PLAB Coaching
  • Approved by MCI and WHO

Affiliation and Recognition of Fudan University China

  • World Health Organization (WHO); 

  • World Federation for Medical Education (WFME); 

  • Foundation for the Advancement of Medical Education and Research (FAIMER); 

  • Organization of PhD training programs in the field of biomedical and medical sciences in the European system (ORPHEUS); 

  • Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE); 

  • Association of Medical Universities of the Kyrgyz Republic (AMUKR);

  • Association of Medical Schools in Europe (AMSE); 

  • Asian Medical Education Association (AMEA); 

  • International Network of Higher Education Quality Assurance Agencies (INQAAHE); 

  • International Federation of Medical Students Association (IFMSA); 

  • Asia Pacific Quality Network (APQN); 

  • Asian Medical Students Association (AMSA);

About Medical University

Fudan University was established in 1905 as Fudan Public School. It was the first institution of higher education to be founded by a Chinese person. The two characters, fù (“return”) and dàn (“dawn”) were borrowed from A Commentary on The Classic of History (《尚书大传·虞夏传》), of which the part on the Yu and the Xia dynasties mentions: “Brilliant are the sunshine and moonlight, again the morning radiance returns at dawn.” 

In 1917, the institution was renamed Fudan University, which has been kept ever since. On April 27th, 2000, a new Fudan University emerged after the merger with Shanghai Medical University. In this decade, Fudan University became a comprehensive research-oriented university renowned both at home and abroad for its arts, sciences and medicine. In 2005, Fudan celebrated the 100 anniversary of the founding of the university and reaffirmed its goal of constructing a socialist comprehensive university with world-class academic capabilities. Fudan implemented a new model of continuous general education throughout the entire undergraduate studies and a talent cultivation system that accentuates innovation ability and inquiry skills. 

To fit such rapid growth, Fudan expanded to four campuses: Handan, Fenglin, Jiangwan and Zhangjiang. In 1927, No.4 Sun Yat-Sen University School of Medicine was set up in Wusong. It is the first medical school established and run by Chinese people. The founders of the medical school, Yan Fuqing, Le Wenzhao and Gao Jinglang, practiced medicine and education with the sheer intention to relieve patients from pain. Fudan University is famous worldwide for its excellence and devotion in research. Deep inside the core of our proud rankings (QS 44) lies the determination of our scientists to use their cutting-edge innovative findings to serve the country and the shared interest of mankind. 

The diversity and professionality of the research across current 27 departments related to the science and medical disciplines, 5 State Key Laboratories, 2 National Research Centers for clinical medicine, 1 national Innovation Center for Manufacture, 1 Shanghai Mathematics Center and 80 ministry level research platforms, means that we not only seek for perfection in basic research but put our passion in translational research to make a different world as well. 

In the past years, our wonderful faculty and significant fellows have rooted Fudan University as the Oriental Pearl of China, which takes the responsibility of addressing the research frontier problems and serves the strategic and social needs of the country with the steady/increasing research reputation and an excellent scientific translational capacity. 

Fudaners are committed to achieving perfection in research and translational sciences management, and to ensuring that our research contributes to the well-being of the society. We seek to provide an innovative and supportive environment in all disciplines like Math, Advanced Materials, Life Sciences, Micro-electronics and Clinical Research etc. 

The interdisciplinarity of ASICS, AI and New Energy could generate and flourish; the excellence and diversity of our research across the Schools of Arts & Humanities, Humanities & Social Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Technology, Physical Sciences and Biological Sciences could help us grasp the opportunity of a changing pulse in the global scientific community and we are also well-positioned to make our unique contributions to the world innovation atlas and the formulation of policy.

Why Study MBBS at Fudan University

  • Medical University provides education in the English language.

  • There is no donation fee or additional charge.

  • Faculty members are highly experienced and skilled in their fields.

  • Moreover, the university engages its students in a range of cultural and extracurricular activities.

  • There are also hostel facilities with all the essentials for students.

Quick Highlights

Fudan University


School Type:

Year Instruction Started:

Operational Status:

Academic Affiliation:

Qualification Title:

Year Instruction Began:

Language of Instruction:

University Alternate  Names:




State Government and Medical Council

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery



Shanghai Medical University (1985 - 2000)
Shanghai First Medical College (1952 - 1985)

Advantages of MBBS at Fudan University

  • Tuition fees are low, affordable, and provide a great exposure to clinical settings.

  • There are many affiliated hospitals where students can gain practical experience.

  • This Medical University's medical degrees are internationally recognized and ranked by WHO.

  • For Indian students who wish to study MBBS in this Medical University, English medium MBBS courses are available, so language barriers are not an issue.

  • Because the class size is limited, each student receives individualized attention from the teachers.

  • Students enjoy staying in hostels and accommodations.

  • Upon completion of the MBBS program, students may practice medicine in government hospitals in the same country.

Faculty of MBBS at Fudan University

Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Health Science

Students life at Fudan University

Located where the Yangtze River Delta and the Pacific meet, Shanghai is China's most cosmopolitan city and one of the important global financial, shipping and trading centers. Shanghai is home to the historic Bund, traditional temples, and the proud pioneer of futuristic architecture. Study abroad in Shanghai and experience the excitement of China's most dynamic city.

Fudan University (Handan Campus) is located comfortably beside Wujiaochang, the north Shanghai's center. Fudan was founded in 1905 with more than a century of quality education. It is one of China's most prestigious universities. Fudan immerses you into a different way of life while allows you to great­ly enhance your education.

International Student Associations
To date, there are 16 officially registered international student associations. Below, we introduce the vibrant culture of these societies, their many remarkable achievements and their wonderful highlights of the past year.

Fudan Russian Club (FRC)

Fiery passion–one of the distinguishing hallmarks of Russians. In addition to their big-hearted and candid personalities that leave one with a deep impression, the Fudan Russian Club in Fudan never fail to impress with their unique charisma. They bring with them a whirlwind of Siberian passion into the Fudan campus, giving students and teachers alike a glimpse of the warmth that accompanies the harsh cold of the Far North.
Through a series of exciting and entertaining activities, we aim to unite all the Russian international students living in Shanghai and enrich their extracurricular life. At the same time, we also aim to introduce Russian culture to the masses and help other Internationalers to appreciate the charm of our culture.

Japanese Student Association (JSA)

Hailing from the neighbouring country of Japan, the Japanese international students occupy a significant percentage of all the international students in Fudan. Their energetic and lively presence can be found in every facet of campus life, which in turn facilitates Sino-Japan cross-cultural communication. Since its inception, the Japanese Student Association has strived to organise club activities that are both meaningful and fun, showcasing our country's culture and at the same time also enlivening the campus atmosphere, thereby increasing mutual understanding between local and Japanese students. Their diligent organisation of club activities such as freshmen orientation, Sino-Japan student exchange sessions and Halloween movie screenings has helped to build a bridge between local Chinese and Japanese students in Fudan to learn together, increasing their mutual understanding and appreciation for each other.

Thai Fudan Association (TFA)

Elephants, tom yum, muay thai; perhaps this is our impression of Thailand. Radiant smiles, vivid costumes and traditional festival customs; this is the portrayal of Thailand by the Thailand Fudan Association. Similar to how Thailand exhibits its unique charm to the rest of the world, the Thai Fudan Association is also a society with its own unique flair and energy. In addition to actively participating in various activities involving local and international students organised by different school organisations, they also play a part in organising activities during international holidays and Thailand's traditional holidays, including the Festival of Lights (Loy Krathong), Thai food festival, movie sharing etc. Through these activities, we catch a glimpse of a different side of Thailand that is so much more realistic and vibrant. Another highlight of their club activities are the Thai-style lunches that they organise, allowing students a place for unbridled conversation amidst a light-hearted mood, picturesque scenery and great food. These conversations in turn break down barriers and bring everyone closer together, fostering a deeper sense of friendship within their tightly-knit student community.

Vietnamese Student Association

The Vietnamese Students Association provides a platform for Vietnamese international students in Fudan to communicate and help each other out; in addition their experience serves them well in participating and organising different schoolwide activities. The warmth, enthusiasm and unity of the Vietnamese students underscore the excellent reputation that they enjoy in school. Internally, Vietnamese students also live together harmoniously, not unlike a closely-knit and loving family. Externally, they are always eager to lend a helping hand, get along well with local Chinese students, and are excellent friends that will study and grow together with you.

Fudan University Singaporean Students Association (FUSSA)

The Garden City, a world-famous reputation afforded Singapore; similarly, the Fudan Singapore Student Association is like an exquisite and vibrant flower abloom in the metaphorical garden of Fudan, standing out with its many excellent qualities. In order to make a home away from home for all Singaporean students in Fudan, FUSSA strives to be the bridge of communication between the Singaporean students coming to Fudan on exchange or to study and the local students and teachers. Throughout the academic year, they will organise a series of activities for all the Singaporean students; in particular, the pre-departure dinner is one of their many highlights. The aim of the pre-departure dinner is to allow incoming Fudan Singaporean students to get to know the academic rigour and living conditions in Fudan beforehand, so that they can feel included in a warm extended Singapore family even when overseas. Through their actions, the students that hail from the Lion City consistently demonstrate to their teachers an unmatched resilience and genuine warmth for other people.

Fudan Indonesian Student Organization (FISO)

As the first stop in the Maritime Silk Road as well as a strategic partner country in the Belt and Road Initiative, Indonesia's influence on China and the rest of the world continues to grow. As the bridge of communication between the school and Indonesian students, the Fudan Indonesian Student Organisation is dedicated to helping Indonesian students resolve any problems they might face in their studies, extracurricular life, adjusting to new cultures etc. as well as fostering a greater sense of friendship between local and Indonesian students, thus promoting a deeper appreciation for Indonesia's history, traditions and culture. During “Indonesia Day” in 2015, Indonesia's delectable cuisine and picturesque scenery wowed students and teachers alike. FISO strives to build relationships between the Indonesian students in school by organising relevant activities, greatly enriching their members' university life, leading to deeper bonds of friendship and encouraging members to study hard.

Korean Student's Union of Fudan University (KOSUFU)

As the international student society boasting the longest history, KOSUFU's core mission throughout the years has been to deepen the sense of cohesion between Korean students and to promote cultural exchanges between local and international students in Fudan. One of their enduring legacy activities is “Breakfast Day”. Be it a sweltering spring morning, fiery summer afternoon, warm autumn evening or snowy winter night, the exco will help to prepare a hearty breakfast for the students who are up early for their morning reading. It also gives them a chance to share about their studies and life, to encourage one another and improve together. Other traditional cultural activities that the society organises, such as Reading Day and welcome parties for new students, remain popular amongst its members, encouraging a nurturing and self-disciplined Korean student community.

Malaysian in Fudan (MIF)

Malaysian in Fudan is an international student society with a robust organisational structure and a friendly student community. They take pride in our strong sense of team spirit and social responsibility. Not only have they successfully organised numerous activities that display the uniqueness of our country, such as food festivals and graduation parties, etc. they also participated alongside other local and international students in events such as spring trips, movie sharings and the Fudan International Students' Chinese Debate Competition, even managing to achieve significant results in several competitions.

In order to integrate even further into society in Fudan and Shanghai, Malaysian in Fudan has also specially organised activities involving both local and international students, including athletics meets, Mid-Autumn Festival events, color guard, overnight cycling trips to The Bund, International Cultural Festival etc. As they adapt to life in Fudan happily, they have also left a lasting impression on students and teachers alike: as an all-rounded, hardworking, passionate and a serious student community.

Fudan Mongolian Student's Union (FMSU)

Although a small organisation with only around 10 Mongolian students, the Fudan Mongolian Students Union is a warm and inviting student community. They diligently arrange and manage club activities and are constantly involved in the lives of all their members. FMSU will also meet regularly for discussions, and participate in large-scale activities like day trips to Shanghai and New Year parties etc. They keep in close contact with each other and often meet up to share about life in school and any difficulties they might face in their studies, giving each other mutual advice and support.

Professional International Students Association

Fudan's embrace of a liberal environment has cultivated the entrepreneurial and adventurous spirit of international students, paving the way for the establishment of entrepreneurship conducted by international students, culminating in many successful business entrepreneurs that are former international student alumni or current student representatives. American and European students in particular stand out for their financial acumen and foresight, which led to some of them founding the Professional International Students' Association, with a particular focus on employment and entrepreneurship for international students. Under new policies encouraging international student entrepreneurship, limitless imagination and ideas for development are no longer confined to the classroom, adding vibrancy and energy to the Fudan campus.

Fudan International Medical Students Association (FIMSO)

Are you an International Medical Student at Fudan? Then join their Organization – FIMSO! They act as a bridge between university administration, professors, and students. They consist of several committees, each with a specific role. Social Committee hosts large events such as the Freshman Welcoming Party, The Annual MedBall, FIMSOlympics and Movie Nights. Through events such as these, their students have a chance to get to know their peers and build stronger bonds. Academic Committee is responsible for organizing tutorials in challenging subjects, inviting senior students to talk about their experience in hospital rotations or overseas licensure exam-taking, while Professional Committee hosts talks by professors and working professionals on medically related topics. Students who are interested in volunteering can work together with the Philanthropy Committee to engage in soulenriching experiences in the Shanghai community such as participating in the Children Hospital Halloween visits, organizing fundraisers for the Heart 2 Heart (H2H) Charity Foundation and Shazam Game Night. With several committees catering to the specific needs of students' academic and extracurricular interests, FIMSO provides students with the tools necessary to succeed both inside and outside of class, but most importantly - to assist in paving the road to their future medical career.

International Dormitory Committee (FDC)

Members of the International Dormitory Committee strive to provide international students living in Fudan's International Students Dormitory with high quality management and heartfelt service, working to improve the facilities of the International students' dormitories, thereby creating a better, safe and superior living and studying environment for everyone.

Asian Youth Center

Through generous investment from famous business entrepreneur, educational philanthropist and member of the Fudan school board Mr. Cao Qiyong, the Asian Youth Centre was constructed with the aim of promoting mutual understanding and friendly interaction between Asian students, and to nurture the Asian leaders of tomorrow through international exchange programs.

Fudan Asian Youth Centre has adopted a mixed accommodation program where local Chinese students and Asian international students live together, on top of which diverse and enriching cultural exchange activities encourage students from all across Asia to live and grow together. Over the past year, under the leadership and organisation of the Asian Youth Centre Committee, we have organised large-scale activities like Mid-Autumn Festival activities, icebreaker activities, Hanami @ Gucun Park in collaboration with Jiaotong University, pottery workshops, Korean culture festival etc. We have also arranged for weekly workshops such as boxing lessons, Korean language lessons and guitar lessons. As students from AYC, we strive to embrace the values of openness, diversity and exchange, in the process making AYC an even better platform for cultural exchange to take place.

Scuba diving society

As university students with pioneering and entrepreneurship spirits, they have set their sights beyond the land and towards the oceans. The scuba diving society is a platform that was set up for students who love diving and sharing their underwater experiences. The process of exchanging experiences between scuba enthusiasts is very important and is practiced in this club. This platform can make it more convenient for students to get in touch with peers, and relatively reduce the chance of blindly communicating with related platforms outside the school, protecting students' personal and property safety.

Fudan Pakistani Students Association (FPSA)

Fudan Pakistani Students Association (FPSA) is aim to gather all Pakistani students studying in Fudan University at one platform. Thier main intention to build FPSA is to assist Pakistani students efficiently and solicitous way to help ISO of Fudan University.

FPSA Orchestrated educational, sports, cultural and religious activities for Pakistani students under jurisdiction of Fudan University and laws of Chinese Government, besides working for Pakistani students, FPSA is always ready to be involved with and participate alongside all international and Chinese students. With One Motto: “United we stand”.

Fudan African Student Association (FASA)

With one motto: “Promoting & Unifying African students”. Fudan African Student Association (FASA) is aiming to promote our dear continent, establish a culture of communalization between African and Chinese Students, as well as promoting the wellbeing of African students’ studying at Fudan.

Dragon and Lion Dance Club

The Dragon and Lion Dance Club of Fudan University was established in 2014, aiming to spread the traditional culture of dragon and lion dance and enroll excellent players to join the dragon and lion school team

Fudan Archery & Shooting Club

Our club aims at toxophily diffusion in Fudan University, involving peers from new comers to amateurs in the joy of archery. This is a place where you may receive professional training and have opportunities to participate in championships among university students all over China. Come and join us for challenging yourself.

Fudan Yanxi Hanfu Association

Hanfu is a traditional costume of the Han nationality in China. Fudan Yanxi Hanfu Association is a campus humanistic and artistic association aiming at inheriting Chinese civilization and promoting Hanfu culture. The association carries out various cultural experience activities with Hanfu as its carrier, such as handmade Hanfu and its accessories, elegant gatherings of traditional festivals, Xitang Hanfu Culture Week and participation of the National Silk Hanfu Festival. Members can learn about Chinese costumes and experience the traditional costume culture. In addition to offline activities, online communication is also active and frequent, which is a good opportunity for students to meet new friends. Don't you say you have no clothes, and your son's robes. Welcome to join Yanxi Hanfu Association!

Expedition Association of Fudan University

Expedition Association of Fudan University, founded in May 2006, is the largest public welfare club in Fudan University with nearly 400 members. After more than ten years of development, the association has established eight public welfare projects involving the comfort for the elderly, the art teaching for the kids, the assistance for the disabled and etc, helping many people in need. It has won many honors such as The Excellent Volunteer Team of National Outlook Plan, The Advanced Collective of Shanghai Voluntary Service, Shanghai Youth May 4th Medal Collective, Shanghai Top Ten Outstanding Youth Public Welfare Project, etc.

Danso Dancing Club

FDanso Dancing Club, founded in 1996, is an influential and outstanding dancing club in Fudan University. In the past years, it has won the honour of Five-Star Club, the Best Club and Denghui Club reward. The stage showcase we insist every semester has become an indispensable activity among grand school activities.

Regular activities: Beginners' dancing class/ Core member training/ Performance training

Fudan Detective Association

Fudan Detective Association is a club whose aim is to promote the culture of reasoning, to provide a place for detective stories lovers to communicate and to attract more people into the world of reasoning. We have detective stories reading salons, lectures and other activities regularly. Welcome to Fudan Detective Association.

Fudan University China Ranking

Fudan University China Country Ranking is 7

Fudan University China World Ranking is 34

Eligibility Criteria for Admission at Fudan University China

  • Candidates must have passed higher secondary examination with Science subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

  • Candidates must have an aggregate of 50% in PCB or more in your 12th results.

  • Students must be 17 years or more for medical education in this university.

  • All Indian students going to study MBBS abroad have to qualify NEET exams.

Admission Process at Fudan University China
  • Step 1: Complete the online application provided by the University. or Fill out the course registration form from our website then we will be doing all the below steps .

  • Step 2: Print out the application. Send the signed form along with the required documents listed below to the university.

  • Step 3: Scan the documents and email them to the admissions office with a subject line of 'Application for Admission' in the body of the email.

  • Step 4: Documents can be submitted only until the application deadline. Be sure to submit all documents before the final submission date.

  • Step 5: After verification of the student's documents by Medical University, the University will send the student the acceptance or rejection letter accordingly.

  • Step 6: Payment of initial fees should be done once the candidate is accepted. Upon receiving the acknowledgment letter, the student will receive their fee.

  • Step 7: Students have to do the following documentation translation, apostle attestation of the basic documents of education. 

  • Step 7: If the applicant has been accepted, they must immediately apply for a student visa . University will mail students their Invitation letters.

Documents Required for Admission at Fudan University China

  • Copy of 10th grade mark-sheet

  • Copy of 12th grade mark-sheet

  • NEET scorecard

  • 10 passport size photographs

  • Official invitation letter from university

  • Copy of International passport of student

  • Copy of Birth certificate

  • Medical test report

Hostel And Mess Facilities available at Fudan University China

University has a very good hostel campus with free Wifi access. Accommodations for students are available as singles, doubles and triples. Additionally, there are separate hostels for women and men. All hostels are furnished with beds, chairs, tables, and other necessary items. Facilities within the campus include a supermarket, a clinic, a pharmacy, etc. The hostel is monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day. For Indian students on campus, Mess is also available. All students are subject to strict hostel rules. The hostel also serves Indian food.

MBBS Syllabus at Fudan University China

First Year

Anatomy, Histology, Physiology, Biochemistry

Second Year

General Pathology, Cell Biology, Microbiology, Pharmacology

Third Year

Pathology- Anatomy & Physiology , Pediatrics

Fourth year - Final Year

General Surgery, Neurology, Primary Care medicine, Oncology, Internal Medicine,  Obstetrics and Gynecology, Neurology and Psychiatry, Psychology, ENT, Emergency Medicine, Cardiology

MBBS Duration at Fudan University China

The Fudan University China provides a six years course of MBBS including 1 year of internship. The students also get an excellent opportunity to practice at University-affiliated hospitals after getting a 5-year MBBS degree dedicated to theoretical education of medicine.

​Benefits of Studying MBBS at Fudan University China

Top class university

Just like in India, universities/institutes abroad provide students with state-of-the-art universities complete with modern amenities for a wholesome education experience. The universities not only boast world-class faculty but also provide internationally recognized degrees to students to be able to create a mark in the medical field globally. Universities and colleges abroad also provide paramount safety and security to students so they are able to feel at home in a foreign land.


Use of English language

To attract international students, a lot of colleges and universities abroad use English as their primary language of instructions and communication in medical universities. This again works as an advantage in attracting international and Indian students. However, applicants should note that it is always an added bonus to be versed in the local language.

Better ROI

The cost of pursuing MBBS abroad is at par or lower as compared to private universities in India. On successful completion of their course students are allowed to practice in the host country. This provides them an opportunity to earn big money thus yielding a better return on investments in the long run. Tuition Fees in abroad medical colleges are affordable

More number of seats

Due to the limited number of government medical seats in India, and exorbitant tuition fees at private universities, a lot of aspirants are unable to pursue their dream of studying MBBS in India. However, international universities have been able to tap into this student group simply by keeping their tuition fees low, education standards high, and above all providing a larger number of seats as compared to their government counterparts in India.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

To promote a healthy flow of students coming into foreign countries to pursue medical studies, universities and institutions have announced several scholarships and financial grants to students to encourage studying MBBS abroad. Students can check out a list of scholarships available to them to pursue MBBS study abroad.  

Global Job Opportunity

The students who are studying MBBS from Abroad gets ample opportunity to apply for jobs in any part of the world. Once they obtain the certificate to practice anywhere in the world, they can get the country-wise certificate as well to be able to practice medicine after their graduation.

About City

Shanghai, also spelled Shang-hai, city and province-level shi (municipality), east-central China. It is one of the world’s largest seaports and a major industrial and commercial centre of China.

The city is located on the coast of the East China Sea between the mouth of the Yangtze River (Chang Jiang) to the north and the bay of Hangzhou to the south. The municipality’s area includes the city itself, surrounding suburbs, and an agricultural hinterland. Shanghai is China’s most-populous city, and the municipality is its most-populous urban area.

City site
Shanghai municipality is bordered by Jiangsu province to the north and west and Zhejiang province to the southwest. It includes the 18 districts constituting the city of Shanghai and several islands in the mouth of the Yangtze and offshore to the southeast in the East China Sea. The largest island, Chongming, has an area of 489 square miles (1,267 square km) and extends more than 50 miles (80 km) upstream from the mouth of the Yangtze; it and the islands of Changxing and Hengsha administratively comprise a county under Shanghai municipality.

The city’s maritime location fosters a mild climate characterized by minimal seasonal contrast. The average annual temperature is about 61 °F (16 °C); the July maximum averages about 80 °F (27 °C), and the average January minimum is about 37 °F (3 °C). About 45 inches (1,140 mm) of precipitation fall annually, with the heaviest rainfall in June and the lightest in December.

City layout
As China’s main industrial centre, Shanghai has serious air, water, and noise pollution. Industrial relocation and construction in the suburbs since the 1950s initially helped alleviate central city air pollution, although high population density and mixed industrial-residential land use continued to cause problems. The Suzhou River (the lower reach of Wusong River) and the Huangpu River (a tributary of the Yangtze), which flow through the city, are severely polluted from industrial discharges, domestic sewage, and ships’ wastes; nonetheless, the Huangpu is Shanghai’s main water source. Environmental protection and urban cleanliness are enhanced by industrial and solid waste resource-recovery operations run by a municipal corporation. More than 1,000 different materials are recycled, including plastic, chemical fibre and residues, machine components, oil and grease, rags, human hair, and animal bones.

The municipality radiates toward the north, west, and south from the confluence of the Suzhou and Huangpu rivers. Surrounding the central core is a transitional zone on both banks of the Huangpu, which encompasses a partially rural area of about 160 square miles. The banks of the Suzhou River, an important inland waterway connection to the interior hinterland, are occupied by a westward arterial extension of the transitional zone. To the south, however, the transitional zone terminates abruptly a few miles south of the central Shanghai urban core, at the Huangpu.


School Type: Public

Year Instruction Started: 1926

Operational Status: Currently operational

Alternate Names: Shanghai Medical University (1985 - 2000)Shanghai First Medical College (1952 - 1985)

School Website(s): In Chinese

Additional Information: The Faculty of Medicine, Shanghai Medical University, merged with Fudan University in April 2000 to form the Medical Center of Fudan University. The school also awards the Master of Medicine degree, and has a six year MBBS program taught in English.

School Contact
Main Address: 138 Yi Xue Yuan Shanghai 200032 China
Phone Number(s): +86 (21) 54237309 +86 (21) 54237306

Fax Number(s):+86 (21) 64224810
+86 (21) 64179832


Program Name: Clinical Medicine Program in English
Help Qualification Title: Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S.)

Year Instruction Began: 2008
Curriculum Duration: 6 years
Help Language of Instruction: English
Prerequisite Education: Admission follows completion of secondary education.
Foreign Students: All students are non-citizens
Genders Admitted: Both men and women are admitted
Entrance Exam: An entrance exam is not required

Fudan University China Tuition Fees

Fudan University China Tuition Fees

Academic Year

Tuition Fees USD

Tuition Fees INR

First Year

75000 RMB

8,88,539.57 INR

Second Year

75000 RMB

8,88,539.57 INR

Third Year

75000 RMB

8,88,539.57 INR

Fourth Year

75000 RMB

8,88,539.57 INR

Fifth Year

75000 RMB

8,88,539.57 INR

Sixth Year

75000 RMB

8,88,539.57 INR

NB: 1 United States Dollar equals 79.62 Indian Rupee

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