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School Profile 

Wenzhou Medical University is a provincial general institution of higher learning in Zhejiang Province. The school can be traced back to the Zhejiang Medical College, founded in 1912, and was established in August 1958 by Zhejiang Medical College from Hangzhou to Wenzhou. It was originally named "Zhejiang Second Medical College" and later named "Wenzhou Medical College" after the location of the school. Hospital” was renamed “Wenzhou Medical University” in 2013 and became a university jointly established by the Zhejiang Provincial Government, the National Health Commission and the Ministry of Education in 2015. 

In 2017, it became a key construction university in Zhejiang Province. The school began enrolling five-year undergraduate students in 1958, and enrolled postgraduates in 1978. It is the first batch of master's degree granting units in the country and has the right to grant doctoral degrees. Existing clinical medicine, basic medicine, pharmacy, biomedical engineering first-level discipline doctoral programs and clinical medicine professional doctoral programs, clinical medicine, nursing, Chinese pharmacy, biology, biomedical engineering, basic medicine, integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, pharmacy 12 first-level master programs including medical technology, stomatology, public health and preventive medicine, and public management, and 8 majors including clinical medicine, biomedical engineering, stomatology, nursing, public management, pharmacy, public health, and applied psychology Master's degree authorization point; there is a mobile station for post-doctoral research in clinical medicine and pharmacy. 

The school ranks 73rd in the ESI National University Rankings. Seven disciplines including clinical medicine, pharmacology and toxicology, biology and biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics, materials science, chemistry, neuroscience and behavior have entered ESI global Ranked in the top 1%, among which clinical medicine majors entered the top 1.374‰ of ESI global rankings. It has 1 national key laboratory jointly established by the province and ministry, 1 national engineering technology research center, 1 national clinical medicine research center (ophthalmology disease), and 1 national medical equipment and drug clinical research and evaluation key experiment for ophthalmology diseases Office, 2 Ministry of Education and Ministry of Education jointly built collaborative innovation centers, 2 national international science and technology cooperation bases, 29 provincial and ministerial scientific research platforms. 2 Zhejiang Province’s “First-class Disciplines”, 3 Zhejiang A-class first-class disciplines, 6 Zhejiang-class B first-class disciplines, 10 Zhejiang key universities and colleges, and 2 Zhejiang key construction disciplines. 

The school insists on being guided by social needs and taking the satisfaction of the people as its purpose, and strives to cultivate outstanding medical talents who are sentimental, confident, capable of doing things and able to innovate. The school currently has 30 majors for undergraduate enrollment, involving four major disciplines including medicine, science, engineering, and management. There are 13936 undergraduate and junior college students (full-time, excluding independent college-Renji College of Wenzhou Medical University), 4303 postgraduates (including 302 doctoral students), and 864 foreign students with academic education. The school has formed an all-round, multi-level talent training system from undergraduates to masters, doctoral students and postdoctoral students, from full-time to adult education, international students and students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. 

The quality of talent training has been steadily improved, and the pass rate of clinical medicine graduates in the national medical qualification examination has consistently ranked among the top 10% in the country. According to the data of the Provincial Education Examination Institute in 2020, the school ranks among the undergraduate colleges in Zhejiang Province in terms of professional development and talent training quality, graduate alma mater satisfaction, and employer satisfaction in the class of 2019 (one year after graduation). First; the 2017 (three years after graduation) undergraduate graduates’ employment competitiveness ranks first among undergraduate colleges in Zhejiang Province; in the results of the two graduate surveys, they won 4 first out of 5 total items. 1 is third, 21 core individual indicators are the first. 

The school has more than 14,000 faculty and medical staff (including affiliated hospitals), of which more than 1,800 have senior professional and technical positions. There are 1609 full-time teachers in the school headquarters, of which 425 have senior professional and technical positions, 526 have associate senior professional and technical positions, and 1,172 have doctoral degrees. There are 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 1 academician of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences, and 3 winners of the national "Outstanding Youth" project; a group of outstanding talents are selected as "National Ten Thousands", young and middle-aged science and technology innovation leaders of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and provincial special-level experts, etc. 

A group of teachers won the National Science and Technology Progress Award, the Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Award, the He Liang He Li Foundation Science and Technology Award, the National Outstanding Teacher, the National Teacher Ethics Model, and the National March 8th Red Banner Bearer. It has one innovation team from the Ministry of Education, one Huang Danian-style teacher team from national universities, and two academic innovation and talent introduction bases (111 bases) of higher education institutions of the Ministry of Science and Technology. 

The school was rated as an advanced unit of provincial emphasis on talents. The school has 4 national characteristic professional construction points, 16 national-level first-class undergraduate professional construction points, 1 national-level teaching team, 1 national-level talent training innovation experimental zone, 2 national-level experimental teaching demonstration centers, and national-level practical education 1 base, 1 national clinical teaching training demonstration center, 1 national virtual simulation experiment teaching center, 5 national quality resource sharing courses, 1 national bilingual teaching demonstration course, 2 national-level English-taught branded courses for international students in China , 2 national quality online open courses, 6 national virtual simulation experimental teaching projects, 2 national offline first-class courses, 2 national online and offline mixed first-class courses, and 1 national social practice first-class course. There are 5 pilot projects for the Ministry’s "Excellent Doctor Education and Training Program", 1 national professional comprehensive reform pilot project; 3 second-class national teaching achievement awards. 

The school undertakes more than 1,200 national-level scientific research projects, and has won more than 170 provincial and ministerial awards for scientific research results, including 1 first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, 5 second prizes of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, and second prize of the National Technology Invention Award 2 awards, 1 first prize and 3 second prizes of the Ministry of Education Science and Technology Award, 5 first prizes of the Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award, 1 first prize of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association Science and Technology Award, and 1 Zhejiang Science and Technology Award for Major Contributions There are 19 first prizes of Zhejiang Science and Technology Award, 1 first, second and third prize of the Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award, 1 second prize of the National Educational Science Research Outstanding Achievement Award, Zhejiang Province Outstanding Achievement in Philosophy and Social Sciences There are 4 first prizes. 

The school actively promotes the internationalization of education, and has established good exchanges and cooperation with more than 140 universities and educational research institutions in 31 countries (regions), including more than 20 top 100 universities in the world, and exchanges and joint training of students abroad, and teachers Substantive exchanges and cooperation have been carried out in academic exchanges and scientific research cooperation, Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools, and the education of foreign students in China. 

There are currently 5 Chinese and foreign programs including the Sino-US Doctoral Education Program in Optometry, the Sino-US Undergraduate Nursing Education Program, the Sino-Swiss Clinical Medical Doctoral Education Program, the Sino-Thailand Master of Nursing Education Program, and the Sino-Korean Pharmacy Doctorate Education Program. Two of the cooperative education projects are listed as demonstration projects of Sino-foreign cooperative education in Zhejiang Province. 

The Alberta College of Wenzhou Medical University in cooperation with the world's top 100 universities, the University of Alberta, is currently the highest level of Sino-foreign cooperation in running medical schools in my country. Cooperated with Lublin Medical University in Poland to organize my country's first overseas clinical medical education project, and established overseas Confucius Institutes in cooperation with Eastern University in Thailand and the State University of New York in the United States. 

It was selected as the first batch of construction units for the "Young Backbone Teachers Study Abroad Program" implemented by the China Scholarship Council and the first batch of "Zhejiang International Universities" The school upholds the school motto of "Being, diligent, simple, seeking truth, and striving for truth", insisting on establishing the school with characteristics, strengthening the school with talents, and rejuvenating the school with culture. 

The school-running characteristics of "service of local economic and social development with the integration of medical and industry-university-research" has explored a way for local institutions of higher learning to become a strong school. In 2021, the school's comprehensive strength ranks 95th in the Wu Shulian University Rankings in China. 

The development orientation of the school is to focus on undergraduate education and actively develop postgraduate education; focus on medical disciplines and coordinate the development of multiple disciplines; based in Zhejiang, serving the country and facing the world; a high-level medical university with distinctive characteristics, first-class domestic and internationally renowned .


Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Health Science
Faculty of Pharmacy

Country Ranking

Wenzhou Medical University China Country Ranking is 98

World Ranking

Wenzhou Medical University China World Ranking is 1990

Student life

Wenzhou Medical University China Students
Wenzhou Medical University China Students
Wenzhou Medical University China Students

The school currently has 3 campuses with a total area of ​​about 1,900 acres. The library's collection of documents is about 2.09 million volumes. The school sponsors, edits and publishes 5 academic journals and 1 academic newspaper. Among them, the academic journal "Eye and Vision" is included in the SCIE academic journals, and 3 journals are selected as "China Science and Technology Core Journals". The "Chinese Journal of Optometry and Vision Science" is Journal of the Chinese Medical Association. The school has 5 affiliated hospitals, 4 of which are tertiary first-class hospitals, and 27 non-direct affiliated hospitals (clinical colleges). The Affiliated Optometry Hospital, the First Affiliated Hospital, and the Second Affiliated Hospital were among the top 100 comprehensive hospitals in China in the evaluation of scientific and technological value in 2018. The Affiliated Optometry Hospital ranked second in the country in ophthalmology for three consecutive years, and its scientific and technological output indicators Ranked first in the country for three consecutive times.

City at a Glance

City at a Glance
City at a Glance
City at a Glance

Wenzhou is the third city of Zhejiang Province and one of the economic power houses of the region. Famed for its businessmen and women (and the Wenzhou model of business), Wenzhou is frequently used by Western media as a barometer of the Chinese export economy; among other things, Wenzhou manufactures around 90% of the world's spectacles and massive quantities of shoes. Wenzhou is not on many China tour itineraries and despite being a Chinese cultural hotpot, it is not the most foreigner friendly of cities (compared with Hangzhou and Ningbo, for example). However, there are plenty of things to do and see should you find yourself with time on your hands in Wenzhou. The city has a resident foreigner community that is below average for the city's size (100-200) although foreign businessmen often pass through.

By plane
Wenzhou Airport is east of the city, receiving flights from around China, and because it also supports flights to and from Hong Kong, it is considered international. Wenzhou Airport recently built a new terminal which is much more user friendly and less oppressive for foreigners.

You can get from the airport to the city center by taxi or bus. Taxis are the most expensive and you should bargain hard; if they do not like the price you are offering they laugh at you and start shouting Bus!. If a taxi driver offers you a ride under ¥100 it can be regarded as a good deal. Taking the bus is now much easier due to a ticket desk in the new terminal opposite the exit gate. The bus costs ¥12 and drives through New City (新城; Xīnchéng), Xialüpu (下吕浦; Xiàlǚpǔ) and finally stops at a depot on Nanpu Road (南浦路; Nánpǔlù).

MBBS Admission Procedure

Documents Required for MBBS Admission

  • Valid Passport with a minimum validity of 6 months.

  • NEET qualified score card.

  • 10 class mark list

  • 11 and 12 class or equivalent certificate

  • Birth Certificate

  • Bank account statement

  • Police clearance certificate

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS Admission

  • Minimum Educational Qualification: - 10 + 2 years of education

  • Minimum Age: - 18 years

  • Candidates applying for medical courses must fulfill all the requirements listed in the guidelines of the Medical Council of India ( MCI).

Admission procedure for MBBS

Step 1: Select your desired Medical college from our Registration Page. Fill the online application form and upload the supporting documents as mentioned. (If the college you looking not found please write to us). 

Step 2: Pay your Registration Fees.

Step 3: An offer letter will issue within two business days.

Step 4: Students have to pay their first-semester tuition fees directly to the university after receiving the offer letter.

Step 5: Pay your Documentation and Service Charge Fees.

Step 6: Visa and other documentation can take up to 45 days. When all procedure is over, you can fly to start your dream journey.

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Wenzhou Medical University is a provincial general institution of higher learning in Zhejiang Province. The school can be traced back to the Zhejiang Medical College, founded in 1912, and was established in August 1958 by Zhejiang Medical College from Hangzhou to Wenzhou. Wenzhou Medical University institute faculty MBBS fees logo main campus hostel Student life history mission college world and country ranking course duration medium of instruction city description rector's message course details eligibility criteria admission opening and deadline students photos medical university image registration scholarship collage details extracurricular activities direct admission procedure infrastructure apply visa